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Rumour Has It is a Stellenbosch-based interior design studio. We are a proud member of the Green Building Council of South Africa and as a result focus on designing, building and operating in a sustainable manner.

With an experienced team of highly-qualified designers, we develop and create unique and effective commercial and residential solutions. Particular focus is given to brand architecture to ensure a complete representation of the client and their brand identity.


Analise de Beer

I am passionate about Brands, Collective Design and Creating inspiring Interior spaces. I find my personal energy in photography, nature, art and the philosophy of empty spaces. Spirituality drives me.

Analise de Beer

Lourens de Beer (1)

I live for building innovative businesses that use digital capability to amplify their creative strengths and to automate the mundane. I find inspiration in working with people from all walks of life and helping them realise their vision.

Lourens de Beer

Michelle Crowther – Internal Project Manager

Coming from the Financial industry, I am very excited to be working in a creative
environment. Project management allows me to keep working in finance and at the same time explore my creative side. Being highly organised brings out the best in me. Outside of work I enjoy travelling, sport and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Michelle Crowther

Internal Project Manager
Adrie Smit

Solving problems keeps me driven and excited- I find great satisfaction when numbers balance at the end of the day. My perfectionism ensures everything is done promptly and properly. My mantra which I live by: Do something properly or don’t do it at all.

Adrie Smit

Group Administrator
Jacky Anne Allart – Head of Interior Brand Architecture

With over 16 years experience in the fields of interior design and architecture, I remain constantly inspired by the remarkable effect that good design has on the built environment. I am a confident leader and work well with teams. I’m drawn to problem solving and love creating not only beautiful spaces, but an unforgettable overall experience.

Jacky Anne Allart

Head of Interior Brand Architecture
Madri de Villiers – Senior Interior Designer

I am an ambitious, passionate and enthusiastic Interior Designer. I strive to challenge my own creativity through facing challenges head-on and learning from every situation. Seeing a client happy with the realisation of a design and vision is what motivates me.

Madri Niemand

Senior Interior Designer
Tselane Bolofo – Interior Designer

I aim to design spaces that are people driven. My love of travel and the arts greatly
impacts the way that I view the world and the spaces I love to create.

Tselane Bolofo

Interior Designer
Maryke Marais

I am passionate about people and design. This drives me to continually learn new things, deliver quality work and innovative results. I genuinely love what I do and enjoy new challenges.

Maryke Le Roux

Graphic Designer
Petri Louw – Graphic Designer

I’m patient but determined. I’m caring, but confident. I’m a joker, but hardworking. Design runs through my veins. Creativity is my language. Name it, and I’ll do it. And even when it seems impossible, I’ll find away.

Petri Louw

Graphic Designer

I enjoy organising the office, collecting samples for mood boards and keeping everything tidy. Working in a design environment stimulates me and I would love to learn more about design. I am also interested in Fashion and travel.

Alice Mhlatsha

Office Assistant
Tasha Willows – Frontend Developer

With technology expanding in ways we never thought imaginable, it has created a drive in me to understand how it functions for mankind. This plays a big part in my passion for code and design, creating the ultimate user-friendly story for every human being in the world by the tip of their fingers.

Tasha Willows

Frontend Developer

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